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Jim Kunkle

Jim Kunkle

Jim Kunkle


Welcome to Jim’s hilariously chaotic corner of the web! Jim might be the only guy who can tell you how to catch a fish with one hand while organizing a warehouse with the other. He’s a passionate outdoorsman, and when he’s not out there chasing fish, he’s probably outsmarting ducks and giving them complex trust issues with his waterfowl hunting skills.

Now, about his logistics prowess – rumor has it that even Santa Claus called Jim once for advice on optimizing his North Pole warehouse. If Jim can handle Santa’s logistics, he can handle anything!

But here’s the kicker: Jim’s not just a logistics genius. He’s also a doting grandfather, which means he’s a pro at handling sticky situations—both in the warehouse and with grandkids armed with ice cream cones.

And let’s not forget his loving wife, Randie, who somehow manages to keep everything running smoothly, including Jim’s wild adventures.

So, whether you’re here to learn the secrets of efficient supply chain management or just to enjoy Jim’s tales of fishing follies and duck escapades, you’re in for a laugh-out-loud treat. Explore Jim’s world of outdoor mayhem and logistics lunacy on this website, and remember, life’s too short not to have a good laugh, especially when Jim’s involved!