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Jennie Kunkle

Jennie Kunkle

Jennie Kunkle

Vice President of Operations

Jennie isn’t just your average Operations Manager; she’s the queen of keeping the chaos at bay while maintaining a “woo-tastic” personality. With her sunny disposition and enthusiasm, she can turn any dull meeting into a party (much to the confusion of her colleagues).

When she’s not busy managing operations, you can find Jennie glued to her TV, passionately cheering for her favorite football team. Rumor has it that she once convinced the opposing team’s mascot to join her for a dance-off during halftime.

But Jennie’s true adventure begins at home as the loving mother of Hailey. She’ll proudly tell you that Hailey is the light of her life, even if she drives her crazy most days with her endless questions and creative messes. Jennie has mastered the art of keeping her cool, even when the living room resembles a tornado’s aftermath.

Speaking of chaos, Jennie herself is the conductor of the “Hot Mess Express.” Her desk is an organized chaos masterpiece, and she can find anything in her handbag, even if it takes a small expedition to locate it.

Yet, don’t be fooled by the chaos—Jennie is the epitome of professionalism when it comes to her job. She can switch from party mode to problem-solving mode in a split second, which leaves her coworkers in awe. Lastly, let’s not forget about her partner in crime, Josh. He’s the lucky guy who gets to share his life with this whirlwind of energy and humor. Their love story is filled with laughter, inside jokes, and memorable adventures.