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Bray Reece

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Bray Reece


Bray: Dispatcher, Lover of Indie Folk Music, Dedicated Dog Parent, Family-Oriented Twins Baseball Fan

Bray’s free spirit is often found reveling in the enchanting tunes of indie folk music. He frequents concerts, immersing himself in the soulful melodies and authentic vibes that resonate with his adventurous soul.

At home, Bray’s heart belongs to his faithful companion, Ruby, his cherished canine companion. Their bond is a testament to Bray’s nurturing nature and his unwavering commitment to providing Ruby with a loving and happy home.

While Bray might be living away from his family in Kansas, their connection remains strong. He values family above all else, cherishing the moments shared and nurturing the ties that bind them together, no matter the distance.

When it comes to sports, Bray’s loyalty lies with the Twins baseball team. His enthusiasm for the sport is palpable, whether he’s cheering on the team during the season or engaging in lively discussions about game strategies with fellow fans.

Bray’s multifaceted interests, from dispatching duties to his love for indie folk concerts, his devotion to Ruby, his strong family ties, and his passion for Twins baseball, reflect a person who values connection, music, companionship, and the thrill of sports.